Company History

Eden Research plc began its life as Energiser plc, which was listed on the OFEX market (now known as PLUS Markets) in 1996 as a company involved in the development of nutraceutical products.

Subsequently, the company changed its name to Ximed Group plc and broadened its activities to include the use of terpene chemistry to develop natural products for agricultural, veterinary and human diseases.

In late 2003, the company merged with Eden Research Inc, an American company operating in similar fields. As a result of the merger, the company was renamed Eden Research plc.

During 2005, based on highly favourable results from its agricultural product development programme, the company split its activities into separate agricultural and healthcare programmes, concentrating particularly on the crop protection sector.

The main focus during 2006 and 2007 was on the final gathering of scientific data through extensive and carefully controlled worldwide trials in preparation for submission to the regulatory authorities.

In early 2011, three active substance dossiers were submitted by Eden to the European Food Safety Authority ("EFSA") for their review. In October 2012, EFSA completed its review process and now the European Commission will vote on the inclusion of Eden's active substances onto Annex I. Annex I is the list of active substances approved for use in pesticidal products.

All three of Eden's active substances were submitted to EFSA with the UK regulators' (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) recommendation for Annex I inclusion.

In May 2013, Eden received the EU approval for all three active substances.

Eden has started the process of submitting EU zonal applications for provisional product approvals which will enable the sales of products using Eden's active substances and technologies. Since 2007, Eden has completed a number of key licensing deals for both its products and, more increasingly, its encapsulation technology which has a variety of applications in both agrochemical and non-agrochemical sectors, such as animal and human health, cosmetics, biocides and food preservation.

In May 2012, Eden moved from the PLUS to the AIM market.