The directors of Eden Research plc believe that effective remedies for agricultural pests and diseases will increasingly come from naturally occurring substances. The solutions being developed by Eden take advantage of the natural defence mechanisms of plants, in the form of terpene chemistry.

Eden’s approach has concentrated on investigating the potential for greater use of terpene compounds ‘generally regarded as being safe’ (GRAS) to overcome plant pest and disease problems. In the last 5 years, we have concentrated on developing effective plant protection products that meet the demands of agriculture for low-risk fungicides, bactericides and nematicides.

The directors also wish to broaden the scope of the company’s activities to cover other natural and innovative biotechnology applications, concentrating on substances and materials that are naturally occurring and readily available.

The company model is based on developing strategic corporate partnerships with established organisations that have the appropriate expertise and experience in production, marketing and distribution in order to develop their technology fully and deliver it to the market. This strategy starts at an early stage of product development, in the form of jointly funded research and development efforts with commercial partners, and continues through to full territorial licensing agreements for registered products.

The Company is currently undertaking the formality of regulatory testing of its active substances as well as conducting a wide variety of efficacy trials worldwide with contract research organisations, academics, and commercial partners. There are already several agreements in place.