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15 June 2016

Label extensions for 3AEY in Spain and Greece

Eden Research plc (AIM: EDEN), the AIM-listed company that provides breakthrough natural microencapsulation technologies to the global agrochemicals, animal health and consumer products industries, announces that, together with its commercialisation partners in Spain (Sipcam Iberia) and Greece (Redestos Group), it has been granted label extensions for the use of 3AEY for a new disease target in Spain and number of additional minor uses in Greece, beyond the original designation for the prevention and treatment of botrytis in table and wine grapes.

In Spain, 3AEY (locally marketed as “ARAW” by Sipcam) has been additionally approved for use in the control of vine powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is one of the most challenging and widespread fungal diseases of grapevines in the world. Powdery mildew manifests itself as a powdery growth on the tissue of the vine and affects both table grapes and wine grapes causing significant crop losses and impacting the quality of wine. In Greece, the authorities have expanded the approval for the use of 3AEY (marketed as Mevalone in Greece and the Balkan states) in the treatment of botrytis on field and greenhouse aubergines, kiwis, pomegranates and fresh onions.  Combined, these crops cover more than 14,000 hectares in Greece.  

These approvals are the first milestone in the expansion of regulatory clearance for 3AEY outside of the initial authorisation for the prevention and cure of botrytis on table and wine grapes.  Together with Redestos Group, Eden is also pursuing authorisation for 3AEY in several countries outside of the EU Southern Zone, and these registrations will be granted in due course, subject to regulatory process and approval.


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Eden is an early stage revenue company with intellectual property and expertise in encapsulation, terpenes and environmentally friendly technologies to provide naturally occurring solutions to the global agrochemicals industry, the animal health industry, and consumer products.

Eden’s encapsulation technology harnesses the biocidal efficacy of naturally occurring chemicals produced by plants (terpenes) and can also be used with both natural and synthetic hydrophobic compounds. The technology uses yeast cells that are a by-product of numerous commercial production processes to deliver a slow release of natural compounds for agricultural and non-agricultural uses. Terpenes are already widely used in the food flavouring, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Historically, terpenes have had limited commercial use in the agrochemical sector due to their volatility, phytotoxicity and poor solubility. Eden’s platform encapsulation technology provides a unique, environmentally friendly solution to these problems and enables terpenes to be used as effective, low-risk agrochemicals.

With leading consultants in their respective fields, the Company is developing these technologies through innovative research and a series of commercial production, marketing and distribution partnerships.

The Company has a number of patents and a pipeline of products at differing stages of development targeting specific areas of the global agrochemicals industry. To date, the Company has invested in the region of £12m in developing and protecting its intellectual property and seeking regulatory approval for products that rely upon the Company’s technologies. Revenues earned by the Company have been modest whilst the Company has concentrated on securing patent protection for its intellectual property, gaining regulatory approvals, identifying suitable industrial partners, and entering into licence agreements. 

In May 2013, the three actives that comprise Eden’s first commercial product, 3AEY, were approved as new ingredients for use in plant protection products.  This represents a major milestone in the commercialisation of Eden’s technology and is a significant accomplishment for any company.  To illustrate this point, one should note that in all of 2013, Eden’s approvals represented 3 of only 10 new active ingredients approved by the EC.

3AEY has already been authorised for sale in Kenya, Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy.

Eden was admitted to trading on AIM on 11 May 2012 and trades under the symbol EDEN.

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