Botrytis trial data

Botrytis results September 2009

In the summer of 2009, Eden Research provided a sample of 3AEY to the Horticulture Research Institute in Egypt to conduct the first in a series of field trials on behalf of E.S.N.A., our partner in North Africa.

Three locations were used to test 3AEY for control of Botrytis across a range of grape varieties. A total of 5 different varieties of grapes were in the trials.

Samples collected from the three locations indicated that all the grape varieties had complete protection from Botrytis after treating with 3AEY x3 with 10 days between treatments, compared with the control which showed 10% infection in one variety and more than 20% infection in another variety.

Samples of grapes were picked to study the effect of 3AEY on physical and chemical characters compared with the standard commercial vineyard application.

The graph shows the average bunch weight in grams for all the varieties tested across the three locations. Further details of the other physical and chemical characteristics are available on request.

3AEY recorded a positive effect by enhancing vegetative growth and chlorophyll content. 3AEY also improved anthocyanin content in the red grape varieties. 3AEY also improved the grape bunch quality when compared to the standard commercial application by increasing berry weight and size, berry length and diameter for the different varieties tested. The highest bunch weight increase over the commercial application was 17.8% with the variety Perlette followed by 11% by the variety Superior.

All varieties tested showed an increase compared to the commercial application.

These results once again demonstrate the excellent activity seen with 3AEY in controlling the Botrytis disease and it is planned for work in other fruit and vegetable crops to be initiated in the near future.