Spider Mite trial data

Spider Mite results June 2009

Spider Mite Results June 2009

The graph shows the average number of adult spider mite found on the Tomato crop leaves in the plot (10 plants and 20 leaves per plant were assessed).

Applications were repeated every 7 days for 3 weeks.

H2Y-11 was the leading candidate of the various Eden encapsulated terpene products tested in this replicated small plot field trial carried out for Eden Research by ANADIAG, a leading European Contract Research Organisation.

The Eden test products all showed good initial knockdown and control during the 3-4 week testing period. Control was not quite as good as with the conventional miticide commercial standard but does show the potential as a bio-pesticide for controlling spider mite populations in high value vegetable crops where Integrated Pest Management and reductions of conventional pesticide residues are very important issues.

Combined with the excellent control of white fly seen with H2Y-11 there is potential to develop a white fly product with activity also on spider mite.